McKnight Alumni Association (TISIS)

McKnight Alumni Association (TISIS)
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The Tribble International Society of Interdisciplinary Scholars (TISIS) is organized to meet the ongoing and changing needs of graduates of FEF's Doctoral, Dissertation, and Junior Faculty Fellows Programs, which support Ph.D.'s who are outstanding scholars and practitioners in their fields. Expertise includes areas such as mathematics, computer science, chemistry, psychology, criminal justice, finance, business administration, physics, engineering, sociology, genetics, marketing, nursing, and advertising, among others.

The mission of TISIS is to encourage professional development of members of the organization. TISIS endeavors to help develop and enhance the lives of alumni by establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with FEF. To this end, the organization shall:

  1. Establish a formal communication network among alumni;
  2. Establish a system which supports the interests of McKnight Fellows (including McKnight Doctoral Fellow Graduates, Dissertation Fellowship Graduates, and Junior Faculty Fellows); and
  3. Assist alumni and FEF with resource identification and proposal development for securing funds for the alumni.