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The National Achievers Society (NAS) is one of the Centers of Excellence's premiere programs. Formally known as the McKnight Achievers Society, it was established to encourage underserved students in kindergarten through grade 12 to excel in all pursuits. The chief intent is to develop a group achievement modality among its members that rewards and focuses on the importance of academic excellence and a strong community-centered work ethic, while reducing the negative peer pressure associated with academic achievement.

Since 1985, NAS has enjoyed success in developing and nurtuing a culture of expected achievement and group pride that has turned learners into leaders. The Centers of Excellence have inducted more than 19,000 students into NAS and induct approximately 300 new students each year.

Membership Activities/Benefits

Achievers and their parents attend monthly local gatherings that support academic excellence, social and emotional development, and service-based leadership, including the following types of activities:

  • College preparatory workshops and college tours
  • Career exploration
  • Leadership building activities
  • Community service projects
  • Educational, social and cultural field trips

Membership Eligibility

  • Enrollment in kindergarten through 12th grade;
  • Earning grades of at least two A's and no C's*;
  • Being sponsored by a local adult who agrees to serve as the "significant other" in the Achiever's life;
  • Submitting an annual written report on completion of community service projects; and/or
  • Being recognized for artistic and cultural talents and competing in and winning related competitions at the regional or national levels.
*Students who have earned C's but who also show "academic determination" may seek membership into the Society as Believers.

Annual Statewide Pre-College Summint

Each year, FEF conducts an educational Pre-College Summit for NAS members, other invited students and their parents that includes a series of skill development workshops that reinforce FSA writing and math skills for students in grades 3 through 8; motivate and prepare students in grades 6 through 12 for college, while exposing them and their parents to higher educational opportunities; and teach high school students the benefits of taking AP®, honors and dual enrollment courses and preparing for the ACT and SAT.

The Summit also includes a college fair that provides an opportunity for parents and students to interact with college recruiters and a middle school career fair that exposes students to career options.

Each year's Summit culminates with a Talent Extravaganza, during which participants showcase their oratorical, dance, and performing arts talents, and an awards ceremony, at which FEF recognizes and applauds outstanding Brain Bowl competitors, Achievers, Believers and parents.