Annual Fellows' Meeting

McKnight Conference

McKnight Doctoral Fellowship Program

Thirty-Eighth Annual McKnight Fellows' Meeting and Research & Writing Conference
Thursday-Sunday, February 8-11, 2024
Tampa Airport Marriott Hotel
Tampa International Airport
Tampa, FL 33607
(813) 879-5751

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The Conference

The Florida Education Fund (FEF) hosts its Thirty-Eight Annual McKnight Doctoral Fellows' Meeting and Research & Writing Conference (AFM) at the Tampa Airport Marriott Hotel at 4200 George J. Bean Pkwy, Tampa, FL 33607. The Conference is designed to address issues pertinent to the needs of matriculating graduate students, research scholars, and tenure earning professors. It will feature presentations by dynamic scholars who will share their research on important issues in graduate education and offer a series of panel discussions focusing on research in the major academic disciplines, as well as critical skill development workshops on grant and dissertation writing, comprehensive exam preparation, and writing for publication. To ensure the success of this year's conference, your participation is vitally important. Dress/attire is business casual.

Registration Fee

The $70 registration fee for matriculating Fellows (see the registration form for all registration fees) includes access to all conference activities, planned meals, and double-occupancy rooming. All Conference registrants will receive an official conference identification badge, and no one will be admitted into Conference activities without an official badge.

Conference Beginning and Ending Times

Conference registration will begin at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 8, 2024. We expect the Conference to end at approximately 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 11, 2024. Please make your travel arrangements accordingly.

February 8, 2024:
Writing, Financial Planning, Comps and Proposal/Dissertation Workshops + Opening Dinner
February 9, 2024:
Fellow Research Presentations + 1st Dialogue with Exhibitors Dinner
February 10, 2024:
Plenary Sessions, Concurrent Panel Discussions, Discipline Roundtables + 2nd Dialogue with Exhibitors Dinner
February 11, 2024:
Graduate Jacketing Ceremony + Jones Mentor Awards

Lodging for Matriculating Fellows

Lodging for matriculating McKnight Fellows is provided by FEF - DOUBLE OCCUPANCY ONLY. All matriculating students must check-in with the hotel if they sign up to stay at the hotel. Failure to do so will result in you being considered a NO SHOW, and you will be assessed a $115 per night fee to pay hotel costs.

Fellows who choose single room accommodations must indicate that choice on their registration forms and will be asked for a credit card at check-in to pay for the entire $229 room rate per night.

To lessen your financial burden, after the Conference, all matriculating McKnight Fellows (ONLY) who reserved a single room will receive a reimbursement check in the amount of $114.50 per night stayed. To obtain a reimbursement, please submit your request on the official reimbursement form with the ORIGINAL hotel bill attached. Note that all requests for reimbursement must be submitted by March 29, 2024, no exceptions.

Your registration form indicating your room preference must be received by the FEF by January 8, 2024. After January 8, 2024, you are responsible for obtaining your own room reservation with the hotel and securing it with a credit card. FEF will reimburse you $114.50 per night stayed ONLY with proper documentation.

Room cancellations made after January 31, 2024, and no-shows are subject to a $115 per night room cancellation fee for a shared room and a $229 room cancellation fee for a single room. When applicable, this cancellation fee will be deducted from students' stipends.

Lodging for Other Attendees

Lodging for invited speakers and presenters who are traveling to Tampa for the Conference is provided by FEF. Conference speakers and presenters should indicate the need for a sleeping room on their registration forms and register for the Conference by January 8, 2024, to ensure best hotel accommodations.

All other attendees (non-matriculating students, Exhibitors, MDF Alumni, etc.) should indicate the need for a sleeping room on their registration forms and must present a credit card at check-in to pay for their rooms. Please register for the Conference by January 8, 2024, to ensure best hotel accommodations.

Transportation - Matriculating Fellows Only

FEF will pay ONLY the LESSER OF either a discounted air ticket (air travel should be booked at least 2 weeks prior to flight time), compact car rental with unlimited mileage (reimbursable rental cars require preapproval by the FEF), or mileage to and from the Conference as verified by the State of Florida Department of Transportation/Transportation Statistics Office Highway Mileage Chart and/or as indicated on

Any expenses above and beyond the least expensive method of travel will not be covered by FEF. Original travel related receipts are required for applicable reimbursement. Please note the reimbursement request due date of March 29, 2024.

Conference Deadlines
January 8, 2024
All conference registration documents must be received by the FEF, and all lodging reservations must be made.
January 8, 2024
All conference registration fee payments are due to FEF. Conference registration fees are non-refundable after January 31, 2024.
January 31, 2024
All registration and/or lodging cancellations must be made. Cancellations made after January 31, 2024, are subject to a $229 cancellation fee. NO EXCEPTIONS.
March 29, 2024
All original reimbursement forms and travel-related receipts must be received by FEF. No faxes or copies will be accepted.


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