Although the FEF encourages the advancement of junior faculty members in pursuit of excellence in teaching and research, it does not dictate policy relative to tenure and promotion. The FEF partners with colleges and universities to provide support for the diversification of the professoriate and encourage long-term institutional commitment.  
The McKnight Junior Faculty Fellowship Program promotes excellence in teaching and research by underrepresented minorities and women. To improve their chances of earning tenure and promotion, Fellows receive a one-year sabbatical with full salary and benefits.

During the sabbatical, Fellows are required to engage in research and training projects directly related to their efforts to secure tenure and promotion. While the participating university pays the Fellow’s salary, the FEF pays the university $15,000 to assist with necessary teaching replacements and support costs.
    Since 1984, the FEF has awarded over 190 Junior Faculty Fellowships to historically underrepresented minorities to advance faculty diversity within Florida colleges and universities. Of the Fellows awarded, a majority have either received tenure or promotion or completed a doctoral degree.

In addition, notably, the McKnight Junior Faculty Fellowship Program has enabled Fellows to publish a substantial number of scholarly books and articles. With the support of the FEF’s Junior Faculty Fellowship Program, Fellows have submitted more than 135 manuscripts for publication and published at least ten books.
For more information on the McKnight Junior Faculty Fellowship Program, please contact us at (813) 272-2772
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