The National Achievers Society (NAS) has established itself as one of the Centers of Excellence's premiere programs. Formally known as the McKnight Achievers Society, it was established with the purpose of encouraging students in kindergarten through grade 12 to excel both academically and culturally. The chief intent is to develop a group achievement modality among its members. By continually focusing on the importance of higher education and group accomplishments, NAS has enjoyed success in helping students develop a sense of achievement and pride that has turned learners into leaders. The Centers of Excellence have inducted more than 19,000 students into NAS since 1986 and induct approximately 300 new students each year.


Eligibility for membership into the NAS includes:
A Hillsborough County COE NAS Induction Ceremony
  • Enrollment in kindergarten through 12th grade;
  • Earning grades of at least two A's and no C's;
  • Being sponsored by an adult in the State who agrees to serve as the "significant other" in the Achiever's life;
  • Submitting a written report on completion of community service projects each year; and/or
  • Being recognized for artistic and cultural talents and competing in and winning competitions at the regional or national levels.
Each year, the FEF conducts an educational Pre-College Summit that includes a series of skill development workshops that reinforce FCAT writing and math skills for students in grades 3 through 8; motivate and prepare students in grades 6 through 12 for college, while exposing them and their parents to higher educational opportunities; and teach high school students the benefits of taking AP®, honors and dual enrollment courses and preparing for the SAT. 

The Summit also includes a college fair that provides an opportunity for parents and students to interact with college recruiters and a middle school career fair that exposes students to career options.

Each year's Summit culminates with a Talent Extravaganza, during which participants showcase their oratorical, dance, and musical talents, and awards ceremonies, at which the FEF recognizes and applauds outstanding Achievers, Believers and parents. 

To increase communication and interaction among Achievers and Believers across the State, we have developed NAS Online, a secure, password-protected, members only web portal featuring the following:
  • News from all NAS Chapters around the State;
  • Trained "NAS Study Guides" prepared to help middle school students with homework in the virtual classroom (see below);
  • SAT Prep also in the virtual classroom;
  • Vocabulary and math games ready for all who want to compete for prizes;
  • And much more!
At NAS Online, the FEF offers middle school Achievers and Believers free online, interactive Homework Help, where you will work one-on-one with a trained high school Achiever ("NAS Study Guide"). Your NAS Study Guide will present study materials that align with Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and are similar to those used in your class. The two of you will meet in the FEF’s virtual classroom, where your NAS Study Guide will respond to questions, engage you in interactive problem solving, and clarify content you have not yet mastered in class.
To register for NAS Online: Have your parent/guardian complete and submit the online form at
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