The Florida Education Fund (FEF) was funded initially by a major grant from the McKnight Foundation of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and, subsequently, a challenge grant from the Foundation, which required matching funds from the Florida Legislature. As a not-for-profit corporation established in 1984, the FEF has provided an avenue to ensure that educational advancement is possible.  This quasi-public entity with a statewide mission and national impact, was originally known as the McKnight Programs in Higher Education and administered by the Florida Association of Colleges and Universities, which serves as the forerunner to what is now known as the FEF.

The impact of the FEF's innovative programs and non-traditional approach to enhancing educational outcomes has been demonstrated across various educational levels, through several highly acclaimed programs:

McKnight Doctoral Fellowship
A doctoral fellowship program

Junior Faculty Fellowship
A fellowship program that promotes excellence in teaching and research 

Minority Participation in Legal Education
A law school and college pre-law scholarship program

Centers of Excellence
A multifaceted program to motivate elementary and secondary students to prepare for and ultimately enter college

College Board and Community Partnerships
Partnerships formed to prepare secondary students for standardized testing, higher education, and career success.
Pictured: The inaugural edition of the FEF Focus, Fall 2002. 

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